The Kildwick Ringers

MiniRingers hit the National Press!

I knew it was going to happen because they called me to check that they could include the children. But I didn't imagine that we'd made it so big!

The weekly national newspaper, The Ringing World runs a column called "What's Hot?".  It lists the performances that gain the most "likes". This list is normally the preserve of the Clever and Cunning, ringing peals and quarter peals. But who should pop up in the second place this week? None other than the Kildwick MiniRingers who were ringing the ultra humble Rounds on Four!

What's Hot on BellBoard

Congratulations to the MiniRingers. That's what is known in the trade as going out with a bang!
An amazing end to an amazing year.

Practice times

The practice time page has been updated. 
Due to a change in the pattern of services at Kildwick, Cononley and Bradley (all three now looked after by a single priest), we no longer have a nice, regular Sunday Service ringing time.  There is no service on the third or the fifth Sundays in the month (OK - one in three "fifth Sunday" will see us ringing).  We'll ring later in the first and fourth Sundays and earlier on the second.  Look at the Practice Page for detail.

On these pages, see the News section to find out how our new band is progressing.

The Practices page tells of our regular meetings and the  Practice News one will hold news of any cancellations and so on.

Under the Resources heading, there is a variety of bits and pieces that are aimed at helping the band along the way.

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